To start we had a packed itinerary for the Hawaii trip with lot of planned activities and we wanted to start right off with ocean kayaking. The 5 hr time difference from CST did help the first day as we were up early, but not early enough to see the sunrise at Makappu Point. We had made advance reservations to rent a kayak for 4 hrs and had to be there at 10am. So we had some extra time to burn in the morning, went for a┬áleisure breakfast at the hotel and drove towards Kailua to the rental place. Along the way we had plans to drop by Pali lookout. It was a nice and sunny day, the drive along Pali highway was enriching, lush green forests on either side and then the breathtaking view of the lookout, shouldn’t miss it for anything.

We continued further and head to the rental place. Now there’s various options, you can take a guided tour with lunch provided that would cost $119 per head or rent a double seater kayak and head out for half that price. If you know what your doing, it’s cheaper to just rent the kayak. You get to watch a video on the do and don’ts, ocean kayaking is a little bit different than in a lake or river, take off and landing matters. Once we had all our stuff locked up and had on our sunscreen lotions, we headed out to where the kayak’s were, its a few feet down the road. The kayaks are moored in this stream, so u start there and have to cross a sand bank to get to the ocean, which involves dragging the kayak for some distance. It wasn’t bad though, once we were past the sand bank we were ready to launch. Just watch out for the waves and we were all set to go. There’s multiple places you can head out from there, Flat Island which is directly opposite, Lanikai beach or directly to Mokulua Island. We just headed for Mokulua Island, reached there in 1 1/2 hrs, rested for a while took some nice snaps, had lunch and ventured across the island. We then headed back to Kailua beach, we didn’t want to make another stop, so we skipped Lanikai beach. Went back dropped the kayak and headed out to the next beach along the way.

Our next stop was Waimanalo beach, which is a local beach and didn’t have the tourist crowd unlike Waikiki. We spent a couple hours swimming and relaxing on the beach. We had more to see before the end of the day and headed back to Waikki along the eastern side of the island. Along the way we stopped at Makapuu Point, which is one of those scenic points along the way, worth stopping. We continued along the coastal road, stopping by Sandy beach, Halona blowhole and arrived at the last stop for the day, Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay is a nature preserve for coral reefs. It’s a wonderful place to snorkel, we just hand’t planned on that, it’s surely on our list for the next trip. You can get rentals there, so just go by and be prepared to spend a few hrs. At this point we were exhausted and wanted to go take some rest. We headed back to the hotel, rested for a while and then finished the day with a Hula performance at Kaipio beach in Waikiki. It’s a state sponsored Hula, free to all that takes place around sunset.