Mobile apps have become the norm when traveling for pretty much any traveller, it is no longer restricted to the tech savvy. Here’s a list of useful apps organized by places that help you get around and see a place better.

Trip Advisor City Guides Catalog
Trip Advisor City Guides Catalog is the catalog app for all of Trip Advisor’s City Guides apps which are very informative in planning places to visit and finding out the best places to eat. The itineraries that are provided are also helpful. Once the content is downloaded everything is available offline, which is especially useful in a foreign country and you don’t have data connectivity.
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Triposo World Travel Guide
Triposo World Travel Guide  is an all in one app that provides guides for both countries and cities. All the content is available for offline viewing. The integrated Travelpedia is very handy and has a wealth of information.
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Andropas is the perfect journey planner for public transportation in and around Helsinki, Finland. It provides route and timings for the Bus, Tram, Metro and Train. A must have when in Helsinki. The pro version has live Trams and Trains info. This app does require a data connection.

Helsinki Timetables
Helsinki Timetables has all the public transportation stops and time tables. If you are in town for a few days, this app is a sure must have to get you around town.


Metro 01 (Paris)
Metro 01 (Paris) is a very basic no frills app providing the shortest routes for the Paris Metro, RER, Tramway and Transilien.

RATP is the official RATP app for all of Paris’ public transportation. Check schedules in real time for Bus, RER, Metro, Bus, Noctilien, tram lines and airports. It also has offline maps for all public transportation routes which comes handy when you don’t have data connectivity.
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NSB provides an easy way to buy train tickets for travel within Norway. Plan your journey, but tickets directly from the app and use it to board the train as well.
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FerryTimes provides you guessed it ferry timings in Norway. If you ever travel Norway by car, this is one useful app you’ll not regret. In Norway almost always you’ll encounter a point where you’ll have to take the ferry across the many fjords.
This app provides you locations and timings for ferries in the area.

177 Nordland
177 Nordland provides public transportation routes for all of Norway. It provides routes for all modes of public transportation.

Visit Norway
Visit Norway is the official travel app for Norway. It has listings of hotels, attractions, transportation you name it. It’s a useful app in conjunction with the site for travel planning.
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STHLM Traveling
STHLM Traveling is a journey planner for Stockholm Public Transport. It has realtime departures, maps and auto complete for locations.

United Kingdom

Tube Map London Underground
Tube Map London Underground gives you offline maps and directions for the London Tube.

London Transport App
London Transport App provides real time tube and bus information. It pulls information from the Transport of London site and has the latest information.

My Bus Edinburgh
My Bus Edinburgh has live bus departure and routes for the Edinburgh area. It is comprehensive and has all the latest route updates. Supports scanning bus stop codes.

National Rail Enquiries
National Rail Enquiries is a must have if you are frequent traveler in the UK. It helps you plan rail journeys, save them and buy tickets as well. It also has live train tracking.

Traveline Scotland
Traveline Scotland provides detailed routes and information on all forms of public transportation in Scotland.